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Meet The Team: Behind AMB

It takes a team to bring the dream of Aspen Meadow Band into reality.


Each behind-the-scenes volunteer shares the same heart and dedication to support the band's mission of giving music to inspire, entertain, and help organizations that come its way while providing an uplifting time of fun, togetherness, and hope.


We volunteer our time and individual talents to support the vision of creating a more wonderful world for us all by uplifting the human spirit through music.

Luke B&W w_logo.jpg
Luke Gaynor
Administrative Director
Jamie B_W w_logo.jpg
Jamie Sandness
Director of Partnership and Outreach
Sarah B&W w_logo.jpg
Sarah Wong
Director of Social Media and
Johannah B&W w_logo.jpg
Johannah Senn
Director of Band Operations
Amy Drahota
Event Planner
Meg B&W w_logo.jpg
Megan Jackson
Stacie2 B&W w_logo'.jpg
Stacie Wong
Theater/Set Design
Desi B&W w_logo.jpg
Desi Aamodt
Social Media and Marketing
Domi B&W w_logo.jpg
Domi Newell
Social Media and Marketing
Lori B&W w_logo.jpg
Lori Schujter
Social Media and Marketing
Johannah 2 B&W w_logo.jpg
Jordannah Baker
Social Media and Marketing
Jon2 B&W w_logo.jpg
Jon Trendell
Social Media and Marketing/Sound Tech
Justin B&W. w_logo.jpg
Justin Huggins
Director of Sound Production
David B&W w_logo.jpg
David Newell
Sound Tech
Broc B&W w_logo.jpg
Broc Norman
Sound Tech
Joel B&W w_logo.jpg
Joel Wong
Sound Tech
Sarah B&W w_logo.jpg
Sarah Gaynor
Lisa B&W w_logo.jpg
Lisa Newell
Sound Crew B&W w_logo.jpg
Sound Production Team: David Newell, Broc Norman, Jon Trendell, Joel Wong, Justin Huggins
Social Media Team: Jon Trendell, Desi Aamodt, Jordannah Baker, Sarah Wong, Domi Newell, Lori Schutjer
Choreography Team:  Lisa Newell, Sarah Gaynor
SFGH Day Breakers:  Stacie Wong, Johannah Senn, Jamie Sandness, Amy Drahota, Joel Wong, Mark Drahota
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