Jake Love


Jake Love has dreamed of sharing his love for music with the world as long as he can remember. Growing up in a musical household – music was always playing and was a huge part of his youth. He began playing percussion in the middle school band, and continued to be a part of the high school band until his sophomore year. Two years later in 2006, the Aspen Meadow Band was formed and Jake became one of the lead singers, with a special passion for performing the music of John Denver.Although Jake enjoys singing and performing all varieties of music – his favorite music is anything that will put your heart and spirit at ease. Whether Jack Johnson or John Denver – if it makes you feel the goodness of life – Jake will perform it.

While Jake has been a member of the Aspen Meadow Band – he has had the opportunity to perform in both professional and private settings. Some of his annual engagements include the “Aspen in October” John Denver Tribute Week (Limelight Hotel & Historic Wheeler Opera House – Aspen, Colorado), The Summer Finally Got Here Concerts (Aspen Meadow Amphitheater – Colton, Oregon), and various private parties, weddings, and celebrations.Past events Jake has performed for include the dedication of the John Denver Memorial Plaque (Monterey Bay, California), the City of Denver’s Earth Day Celebration (The Pavilion at Red Rocks Amphitheatre – Morrison, Colorado), live on the air for Denver’s Channel 9 “Colorado and Company”, and The Sandy Mountain Music Festival (Sandy, Oregon).

Jake has also had the tremendous blessing, gift, and honor of being able to perform for organizations such as The Annual Relay for Life, The Annual Muscular Dystrophy Association, and The Chris Dudley Foundation.