Aspen Meadow Band - Music From The Heart

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Our Mission

Music is the universal language of love. Music is the purest expression of the heart reaching out to us lifting the human spirit to a higher place of believing ever stronger in the wonder of ourselves and this amazing world we all call home. Music is given to create in that moment the inspiration and hope that we can all discover the love, goodness, and priceless treasure we all are. In that sacred personal moment of discovery, music beckons us, like a cherished mother, to choose to make our lives an instrument of betterment for those drawn into our world and thus together, in perfect harmony, create a more wonderful world for us all.

All the music that we share is tailored to our audience, intended to offer them the feeling that there is nothing too great that we have endured in our lives, nothing too big that cannot be overcome, and that all we need to do is believe in the reality of inspiration, amazement, and be resolved to embrace equal portions of patience and perseverance to see life through the lens of “all things are possible.”

So, our music tries to speak to the particular audience we have been given, to perform only music that lifts the human spirit, stimulates the listener to become one with the music and move to wherever it is for them that is “higher ground than when we began our time together.”

We intend to provide not only excellent musical performances but even more, a musical message intended to maybe change a perception of life, believe more in yourself, perhaps believe your life can matter more than you thought, and countless other positive hopeful perceptions particular to the listener who came looking for a “wholesome, meaningful, great time of good music.”

To put it another way, our hope is that when we end our time together we all go home and wake up the next morning thinking to ourselves, “I had a great time yesterday with the Aspen Meadow Band. Today it just feels like it is going to be a great day!”

If we accomplish that, we have done well!