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We want to give a great thanks to all of you who came from all over to share our Neighborhood Party and Car Show! Without all the excitement and friendliness of all who were there and those who donated their time, efforts and made it possible to have all the food be free of charge, we could not have had the amazing time we had except that so many brought their incredible cars too. Everyone put so much into it, both guests and hosts to make this not only a great time with a wonderful musical concert and dance, but also as one person said, "I have been to car shows, built cars, and taken them all over the USA to show, and I have to tell you, this is the best venue and show I have ever been to!"

Our filled up amphitheater with your incredible energy, inspired every person on stage to dance, sing, and play with an "extra something" that we all got to enjoy so much.

Thank you all for making our dream to have a Neighborhood Party in the Country, not only come to life, but to be a huge success.

All of us from Aspen Meadow Band

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